The UnBound™ Glass Fiber Print Sheet CR-10

  • $ 10.00

This Unbound sheet is intended for the use with the Creality CR-10 Model 300mm x 300mm. User modifications required for the use with the M3D Crane Series printers.

Introducing the UnBound™: UnBound™ is a glass fiber print sheet, M3D’s newest print surface upgrade which was created to optimize your 3D printing experience. It is a glass fiber composite with surface chemistry and roughness ideal for all popular printing materials. The surface texture and chemistry were engineered for the best bonding and removal of prints. Other benefits of the UnBound™ include the following:

  1. Bonds extremely well at temperature, NO glue or spray needed whatsoever;
  2. Is very forgiving of bed height level difference;
  3. Peels off the printbed easily when cooled;
  4. Flexible for removing the toughest prints;
  5. Resistant to damage from nozzle digging in;
  6. Long-lasting and does not need to be replaced as frequently; one sheet should last a typical user close to 6-12 months.

*This printbed sheet may be compatible with other 3D printers with a similar bed size.

**If you choose to use third party clips, please make sure that they will not scratch the power carrying traces of your heated bed.

***Use a minimum temperature of 80C to print ABS-R/PETG. 


What other print surfaces are available for Crane and Promega 3D printers?

- To summarize, we have 3 different types of print sheets available across different product lines:

  1. Black adhesive texture enhancers which are all polymeric and can deform under heat or pressure; 
  2. Glass print bed sheets which have no polymeric components so they have the greatest longevity and can handle high heat;
  3. The UnBound™ print sheets (new standard) which are held with clips and have a resin-glass composite matrix so they're more resilient to nozzle damage, but still have a polymeric component that acts like an adhesive when heated.

Is anything wrong with the standard black print sheets?

- Nothing as far as getting high-quality prints, however, we found the UnBound™ glass fiber to be more resilient to nozzle damage, longer-lasting, easier for print removal and overall better printing experience. The print quality itself is not affected.

Does this mean the glass bed is now obsolete?

- Not at all, glass is still a top-notch standard for high rates of production and customization of interface glues. It has almost indefinite longevity and can produce mirror-finish bottoms. It's also the best choice for higher temperature printing (I.e.HIPS). Glass print beds have a higher learning curve, but are not invalidated by the UnBound™ in any way. 



Note**  When printing, increase the bed temperature to increase bonding. Decrease the temperature to pop off the printed parts. Keep the heated bed running during prints. Recommended bed temp for PLA is 55-60 degrees and 80-85 for ABS-R/PETG.