The UnBound™ Glass Fiber Print Sheet & Binder Clips

  • $ 30.00

Introducing the UnBound™: UnBound™ is a glass fiber print sheet, M3D’s newest print surface upgrade which was created to optimize your 3D printing experience. It is a glass fiber composite with a surface chemistry and roughness ideal for all popular printing materials. The surface texture and chemistry were engineered for the best bonding and removal of prints. Other benefits of the UnBound™ include the following:

  1. Bonds extremely well at temperature, NO glue or spray needed whatsoever;
  2. Is very forgiving of bed height level difference;
  3. Peels off the printbed easily when cooled;
  4. Flexible for removing the toughest prints;
  5. Resistant to damage from nozzle digging in;
  6. Long lasting and does not need to be replaced as frequently; one sheet should last a typical user close to 6-12 months.

*This printbed sheet may be compatible with other 3D printers with a similar bed size.

**If you choose to use third party clips, please make sure that they will not scratch the power carrying traces of your heated bed.

***Use a minimum temperature of 80C to print ABS-R/PETG. 


What other print surfaces are available for Crane and Promega 3D printers?

- To summarize, we have 4 different types of print sheets available across different product lines:

  1. Black adhesive print sheets which are all polymeric and can deform under heat or pressure; 
  2. Blue tape sheets that provide for easy and clean removal of prints and are less prone to nozzle damage as compared to the black sheets;
  3. Glass print bed sheets which have no polymeric components so they have the greatest longevity and can handle high heat;
  4. and now the UnBound™ print sheets (new standard) which are held with clips and have a resin-glass composite matrix so they're more resilient to nozzle damage, but still have a polymeric component that acts like a adhesive when heated.

Is anything wrong with the standard black print sheets?

- Nothing as far as getting high quality prints, however we found the UnBound™ glass fiber to be more resilient to nozzle damage, longer lasting, easier for print removal and overall a better printing experience. The print quality itself is not affected.

Does this mean the glass bed is now obsolete?

- Not at all, glass is still a top-notch standard for high rates of production and customization of interface glues. It has almost indefinite longevity and can produce mirror-finish bottoms. It's also the best choice for higher temperature printing (I.e.HIPS). Glass print beds have a higher learning curve, but are not invalidated by the UnBound™ in any way.