Ultra-High Torque Nema-14 Extruder Motor

  • $ 25.00

M3D Designed this special Nema-14 Motor, which provides over 2 kg-cm torque in under a 35 mm length package using just 450 mA of current. If overdriven to as much as 900 mA, can provide 50% more torque. This is ideal for a compact direct extruder drive system. Includes small radius extruder gear to provide up to 15 lb extrusion force.

Compatible with either right or left extruder drive. Required upgrade for dual material printing using the Promega Kit.
Includes: 1 X Nema-14 Motor, 4 X rubber isolators, 4 X screws, 1 X Idler Bearing, 1 X Extruder Gear.