The Promega Quad 3D Printer - Ships in January

  • $ 4,000.00

Print anything with 2 cubic feet of build space and our full-color QuadFusion printhead. 

With 4 inputs and one output, the QuadFusion printhead can print multi-color, multi-material objects. If you use our color-calibrated CMYK filaments, you can create up to 50,000 different colors. The Promega has15.3" cubed build volume, fully-enclosed in a 20" aircraft grade aluminum frame. ​It's a feature packed, expandable, open 3D printer designed for commercial and manufacturing operations. Powered by innovation and expertise. Reliable, fast, and over-engineered for high quality. Uses Trinamic motor drivers for quiet and highly accurate operation and runs on a new 2018 Duet Electronics Board.