School - The QuadFusion Print Head

  • $ 250.00

The QuadFusion Print Head

M3D, the leading name in consumer 3D printing, is proud to announce The QuadFusion Print Head, our first direct drive four-filament mixing extruder. This revolutionary new print head allows you to mix both materials and colors, making it possible to print in a full-color range when you use CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Key) filaments.


Multi-Color & Multi-Material 3D Printing

Until now, full-color 3D printing has been the ultimate dream for 3D enthusiasts. Some commercial products have been introduced in recent years, but they come with limitations and a high price tag. Few options exist under the $3,000 price point. A few multi-filament extruders and advanced add-ons are on the market but they are limited, for example by mixing just two or three filaments, only printing in PLA, or relying on multiple independent nozzles. The QuadFusion is the first four-filament mixing extruder available on the consumer market.

Combining Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Key (CMYK) filaments allows you to print over 50,000 unique colors. The key filaments can either be Black, White, or Transparent. Using white creates different tints which lighten a color, using black creates shades which darken a color, and using clear adds a degree of transparency and depth.

The head comes complete with four (4) motors, three (3) fans, a 0.35mm Quad Compound nozzle and Quad Compound nozzle insert.