M3D Dual-Material, Single Nozzle (Compound) Extrusion Sub-Assembly

  • $ 99.00

Spare part included on the Promega Assembled.

This innovative sub-assembly allows users to print twice as fast, extrude two materials separately out of one nozzle, or in certain cases to mix materials to produce color-mixing and new material properties.

Package includes: 1 X Heater Cartridge, 1 X Platinum Temp Sensor, 1 X Compound Heater Block, 1 X 0.5mm Compound Nozzle, 1 X Compound PTFE Sleeve, 1 X Compound Cold Block with Low-Friction Guide, 10 X Set Screws, and 2 X 10mm Idler Bearings (You will also need to use 2 X 6mm Idler Bearings from the stock block).