Promega - K'Tana High Temp Hotend Assembly

  • $ 40.00

This Package includes everything needed to upgrade a single K'Tana (Dual Independent) nozzle to a high temp (350°C) hot end.

Available in two sizes, please select your preferred size using the dropdown menu. 

These nozzle assemblies work with many open source cold sections. (1) Heater Cartridges, (1) PT1000 Temp Sensors, (1) K'Tana Single Nozzle Heater Blocks, (1)  K'Tana Single High Temp Nozzles, (3) 2.5mm Set Screws.

This upgrade is ideal for printing high-temp materials such as PEEK if you are producing small prints. For larger prints, you may need a more robust system upgrade. If you are interested in this, please fill out this form.