Crane Quad - Stainless Steel Nozzles

  • $ 25.00

Crane Quad stainless steel nozzles, available in varying sizes. See the dropdown menu to select your size. 

This is the full Quad nozzle which comes with the pre-installed critical metal sleeve insert which keeps filaments separate with an optimized path for minimum mixing except for a small region near the nozzle tip. Ideal for the best mixing of transparent and opaque color materials.

Includes: 1x Nozzle and 1x Metal/PTFE Insert

Size Options:

0.35mm- This smaller nozzle size is ideal for slower, high detail prints. It is also ideal for producing prints with better mixed material properties or better color-mixing, especially when printed at elevated temperatures. This is also the stock size that comes with your Crane Quad. 

0.5mm- This size provides an ideal balance of print speed and high quality printing detail.

 *The color may vary for metal parts and may not be exactly as shown, but function will not be affected.