250ft POM 3D Ink® $15 Ea.

250ft POM 3D Ink® $15 Ea.

  • $ 15.00

POM 3D Ink® is polyoxymethylene; a material also known as acetal or polyacetal (copolymer). It is often used for mechanical parts such as gear wheels and ball bearings due to its high stiffness and resistance to wear, elasticity, chemicals and heat. M3D’s POM offers improved printability and smoothness without impacting friction characteristics. This is an experimental filament that requires both the heated bed and chamber in order to work. Designed for precision engineering parts only.

Technical Specifications:

  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm (not chipped, can be used with almost all 3D printers). The 3-letter code printed on the spool will automatically set the correct extrusion temperature in the M3D software.
  • Recommended Extrusion Temperature: 235 - 255°C
  • Recommended Heated Print Bed Temperature: 100 - 150°C
  • Recommended Build Surfaces: M3D printbed sheet, glue stick, PEI
  • Other Printer Requirements: heated bed, enclosure, all metal hotend
Pro Tip:
POM is one if the very few M3D filaments that require a heated bed (and a heated chamber). Putting the heated bed to level 1 or 2 should help POM adhere and reduce warping. When using any other filament on the Micro or Micro+, the only time the heated bed will help is when the print is large and covers much of the surface. For your convenience, you can always keep the heated bed installed on the printer without powering it or turning it on.

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