250ft/250g HIPS 3D Ink® $12 Ea.

  • $ 12.00

 Technical Specifications:

  • Guaranteed Filament Length: 250ft / 76.2m (why do we sell by length?)
  • Estimated Product Weight: 0.55lb / 250g
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm (not chipped, can be used with almost all 3D printers). The 3-letter code printed on the spool will automatically set the correct extrusion temperature in the M3D software for the Micro, Micro+, and the Pro.
  • Shore Hardness: TO BE PROVIDED
  • Material Density (ISO 1183): TO BE PROVIDED
  • Recommended Extrusion Temperature:  TO BE PROVIDED
  • Recommended Heated Print Bed Temperature:  TO BE PROVIDED
  • Recommended Build Surfaces:  TO BE PROVIDED
  • Other Printer Requirements:  TO BE PROVIDED


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