1.5mm Compound Nozzle (Experimental)

  • $ 25.00

Hardened 303 Stainless Steel Compound Nozzle - 1.5mm. This nozzle is designed only for the Promega Dual-Material, Single Nozzle (Compound). Experimental nozzle for users looking to print designs that are extremely structurally solid or artistic, with large layer heights. This 1.5 mm nozzle will allow to extrude up to 50% faster on prints without retraction. Recommended settings: 10-15 mm of second head speed, 260 degrees, layer height no larger than 0.8 millimeters.

Compound nozzles are seamless, long nozzles that includes a thin-wall heat break to reduce energy consumption and eliminate leaks. 

Includes 1 X Nozzle and 1 X PTFE sleeve.