The Promega Quad 3D Printer

  • $ 1,800.00
  • Save $ 2,200

Print anything with 2 cubic feet of build space and our full-color QuadFusion printhead. 

With 4 inputs and one output, the QuadFusion printhead can print multi-color, multi-material objects. If you use our color-calibrated CMYK filaments, you can create up to 50,000 different colors. The Promega has a 15.3" cubed build volume, fully-enclosed in a 20" aircraft grade aluminum frame. ​It's a feature packed, expandable, open 3D printer designed for commercial and manufacturing operations. Powered by innovation and expertise. Reliable, fast, and over-engineered for high quality. Uses Trinamic motor drivers for quiet and highly accurate operation and runs on a new 2018 Duet Electronics Board. 


Includes 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.


Level: Intermediate To Expert
Best For: Workshops & Libraries
Build Volume: 15.3" x 15.3" x 15.3"
Printer Size: 23.9" x 20.2"x 20.9"
Printer Weight: 38lbs (17.2kg)
Resolution: 50-750 microns
Max. Extruder Temp: 270°C
Extruder Type: Quad
Software: Open Source
Supported Files: .STL, .OBJ, G-CODE
Standalone Mode: ✔


Please note: The Promega Quad will come with different motors and mounting assembly than the Promega Compound or Promega K'Tana, so additional parts will need to be purchased in the future if you want to switch to either of these extruder heads. 

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