Promega - Nema 14 Extruder Motor - 40% Extra Torque! 2-Pack

  • $ 40.00

High Torque Extruder Motor (NEMA 14)  for the Promega 3D Printer. Not compatible with other 3D printers. 

This NEW extended Nema 14 has 40% more power! Cable length is 60mm with a 4-pin connector, compatible anywhere 51191-0400 Molex Mini-latch is used. Motor shaft is 13mm long, has 1 flat 4.25mm long at farthest end from motor body. Body length is 40mm. 

To install it, you simply print a new Y limit switch holder and replace the existing one so it has further reach, then you replace the motor that is already there. You can find the file for the new Y limit switch holder here.


*Color and style may vary slightly from what is shown but will not affect the purpose.