Promega - MK1+ Compound Nozzles

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Hardened 303 Stainless Steel Compound Nozzles, available in varying sizes. See the dropdown menu to select your size. 

These nozzles are designed for the Promega Dual-Material, Single Nozzle (Compound) Hotend Assembly. Compound nozzles are seamless, long nozzles that include a thin-wall heat break to reduce energy consumption and eliminate leaks. 

Includes 1 X Nozzle and 1 X Metal & PTFE insert. 

Size options: 

0.35mm- This smaller nozzle size is ideal for slower, high detail prints. It is also ideal for producing prints with better mixed material properties or better color-mixing, especially when printed at elevated temperatures.

0.5mm- This is the stock size that comes on your Promega, it provides an ideal balance of print speed and high quality printing detail.

0.75mm-This size provides very fast print speeds, and stronger prints, but medium quality. Ideal for printing parts used in production or under high stress.

1.0mm- This size provides very fast print speeds, and stronger prints, but low detail. Ideal for experimental use, such as fast printing of large spiral-mode prints, and faster printer of high-flow rate materials like PETG.

The 4 Pack includes one of each size. 


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