Duet 2 Maestro & Breakout Board Bundle

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Duet 2 Maestro & Breakout Board Bundle offers $18 savings as compared to purchasing them separately.

The latest generation open-source 3D Printer electronics board, co-designed and produced by the Duet3D & M3D team. Features highlights include open-source RepRapFirmware, 120MHZ Arduino ARM processor, and Trinamic “Silent” motor drivers with unprecedented 256 microstep resolution.

Open Source Note:
A portion of your purchase goes directly back to the developers of the Duet3D boards, and support for the development of RepRapFirmware (RRF), which has the longest legacy of any open 3D printer control board. RRF was authored by Adrian Bowyer, who started the RepRap project in 2004 that led to almost all the consumer 3D printers we have access to today. The main design principle behind RRF is that 3D printers are configured dynamically by G-codes, rather than by modifying source code directly.

Duet 2 Maestro Features:
Input Voltage: 12V to 28V
Voltage Monitoring: Monitors Vin
Power-Loss Recovery: Supported
Processor: 120MHZ Arm Cortex M4 (ATSAM4S8C)
Motor Drivers: 5 X Trinamic TMC2224, providing up to 1.6 A current per motor, and 256 microstepping.
Endstop Support: 5 X (can be with open source filament monitoring add-ons)
Heated Bed Support: Up to 18 A Current
Temp Sensor Support: 4 X capable of thermistor or direct PT1000 support.
Fan Support: 3 X Voltage controlled fans, 1 X always-on. Selectable 5V/Vinput.
Servo Support: 1 X
Additional Motor Support: 2 X TMC stepsticks may be added.
Ethernet Support: 100mbps Wired Ethernet
WebInterface: Included
LCD/TouchScreen Support: Compatible with PaneldDUE, in future firmware update.
Compatible Firmware: RepRapFirmware, DC42 Forks

The Duet 2 Maestro Breakout Board adds two additional Trinamic TMC2224 motor drivers, providing up to 1.6 A. current per motor, and 256 microstepping to the Duet Maestro board. This breakout board is not a stand alone board, it requires the Duet 2 Maestro board.

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