Crane Dual & Promega - Compound Nozzles

  • $ 27.00

Hardened 303 Stainless Steel Compound Nozzles, available in varying sizes. See the dropdown menu to select your size. 

This nozzle is designed only for the Crane Dual & Promega Compound. Not Compatible with Other M3D Series Printers. 

Compound nozzles are seamless, long nozzles that includes a thin-wall heat break to reduce energy consumption and eliminate leaks. 

Includes 1 X Nozzle and 1 X PTFE sleeve.

Size Options:

0.35mm- This smaller nozzle size is ideal for slower, high detail prints.

0.5mm- This size provides an ideal balance of print speed and high quality printing detail.

0.75mm - This size provides very fast print speeds, and stronger prints, but medium quality. Ideal for printing parts used in production or under high stress.

1.0mm - THIS SIZE OFFERED in MK1+ Snub-nose option ONLY. See Image for comparison. This size provides very fast print speeds, and stronger prints, but low detail. Ideal for experimental use, such as fast printing of large spiral-mode prints, and faster printer of high-flow rate materials like PETG.