0.5mm Quad Nozzle (Mk4)

0.5mm Quad Nozzle (Mk4)

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Crane Quad 0.5mm stainless steel nozzle.

A 0.5mm nozzle allows you to print faster or larger objects when color mixing is not the primary focus. 0.5mm nozzles provide adequate color mixing for transparent ABS-R and greater printer speed when printing with just one color.

Taking feedback across all of our product lines, and mainly the Promega Compound Mk1 (flat), Mk2 (metal insert), & Mk3 (pointy tip + metal insert), we have designed a brand new 4th edition Mk4 style nozzle, to be scaled up on all QuadFusion heads and the Crane Quad 3D printer. This is a 0.5mm variation of our new standard 0.35mm Quad nozzle.
  • This new nozzle is compatible with the Quad head only (the Crane Quad, Promega Quad head, and the QuadFusion head).
  • It comes with the metal+PTFE insert, sharper tip (but not as pointy as Mk3), and a chamfer on the inside. The chamfered inside adds volume to the mixing chamber to increase flow, but has minimal impact on color changes or mixing.
  • Bridging and top surfaces are much cleaner and more controlled.
  • More distance to the hot block allows for better temperature control and keeps the blocks cleaner.
  • Increases overall flow rate, allows better tuning to give better consistency in general.
Usage Tips:
  • Temperatures will have to be increased substantially for these pointy stainless steel nozzles; expect to adjust them at least 5C over your prior settings.
  • As with all our direct drive mixing printheads, retraction must be limited to 1/4 what you would need on a similar Bowden setup - use 2mm total retraction and F300 speed as a starting point for your reprime settings. This prevents grind through over long term prints due to back pressure competition.
  • It’s better to have the nozzle too far from the bed rather than too close.

IMPORTANT: These new nozzles are longer and sharper than the previous style. This means that if you replace an old nozzle, it may start digging into the bed slightly. The Z height must be re-calibrated after a nozzle change before use!

New Mk4 Quad Nozzles 

*Compatible with all M3D Quad devices: the Crane Quad 3D printer, the Promega Quad 3D printer, and the QuadFusion print head.

**The color may vary for metal parts and may not be exactly as shown; function will not be affected.