0.35mm Quad Nozzle (Mk4)

0.35mm Quad Nozzle (Mk4)

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Crane Quad 0.35mm stainless steel nozzle.

Ideal for the best mixing of transparent and opaque color materials.

Taking feedback across all of our product lines, and mainly the Promega Compound Mk1 (flat), Mk2 (metal insert), & Mk3 (pointy tip + metal insert), we have designed a brand new 4th edition Mk4 style nozzle, to be scaled up on all QuadFusion heads and the Crane Quad 3D printer. This is our new standard 0.35mm Quad nozzle that will be incorporated in all Quad product lines starting July 2019.
  • This new nozzle is compatible with the Quad head only (the Crane Quad, Promega Quad head, and the QuadFusion head).
  • It comes with the metal+PTFE insert, sharper tip (but not as pointy as Mk3), and a chamfer on the inside. The chamfered inside adds volume to the mixing chamber to increase flow, but has minimal impact on color changes or mixing.
  • Bridging and top surfaces are much cleaner and more controlled.
  • More distance to the hot block allows for better temperature control and keeps the blocks cleaner.
  • Increases overall flow rate, allows better tuning to give better consistency in general.
Usage Tips:
  • Temperatures will have to be increased substantially for these pointy stainless steel nozzles; expect to adjust them at least 5C over your prior settings.
  • As with all our direct drive mixing printheads, retraction must be limited to 1/4 what you would need on a similar Bowden setup - use 2mm total retraction and F300 speed as a starting point for your reprime settings. This prevents grind through over long term prints due to back pressure competition.
  • It’s better to have the nozzle too far from the bed rather than too close.

IMPORTANT: These new nozzles are longer and sharper than the previous style. This means that if you replace an old nozzle, it may start digging into the bed slightly. The Z height must be re-calibrated after a nozzle change before use!

New Mk4 Quad Nozzles 

*Compatible with all M3D Quad devices: the Crane Quad 3D printer, the Promega Quad 3D printer, and the QuadFusion print head.

**The color may vary for metal parts and may not be exactly as shown; function will not be affected.