Mega 20" 3D Printer Enclosure **Free Shipping**

  • $ 100.00

There are multiple variant options available to you! Be sure to review and understand each. If you have questions about the variant options or would like to inquire about upgrading the Enclosure Unit from Shell Only to a Higher Tier  Promega Frame Variant, please inquire prior to ordering.

-The frame is two pieces of 3mm aluminum sheet metal.
-4 CLEAR PETG windows, about 2.5mm thick for the top/front and about half this for the sides
-This auction comes with fasteners to hold the frame together and fasteners to attach the windows
-Many screw holes are provided for anchoring things like power supplies and limit switches and these are compatible with the most common power supply as well as the duet and MKS electronics.

-With all of these windows attached there is still about a 2-inch slot to the back that is open and you may choose to modify this yourself to make it truly fully-enclosed or to remove air or attach a ventilation system

Finale Sale - LETS GO PRINTING!!**

If purchased separately, FREE SHIPPING will apply** 

The VARIANTS are chosen between those in the selection column to your right. An enclosure specifically refers to the Promega Shell (2 Piece Set + Mounting Hardware) in addition to the Promega Enclosure Set**

Your order will contain the Promega Enclosure Unit AND your chosen selection. 
1 -  3x 250ft Filament Chosen at M3D Discretion
2 -  New Micro+, Color Random Between Black, Blue, and Clear**
3 - Shell and Enclosure Unit only


No Refunds. Standard Warranty/Support applicable to printers.

Free Shipping applies to the contiguous 48 states of The United States. Standard Shipping fees apply for all other locations

The Enclosure Unit is not 100% enclosed. User Modification Required. 

Micro+ Not Compatible with Mac Catalina and more recent versions.