Experimental Super High Temperature Alloy 3D Printing Heated Bed 250C PEEK PEI

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Experimental Super High Temperature All Alloy 3D Printing Heated Bed 250C. Shipped with USPS First Class Package.

This is an extremely rare offering - please read carefully.

-This is a 215 mm square heated bed that is 9 mm thick.
-6X holes are provided for standard heater cartridges that are 20 mm long and 6 mm diameter. 6 compatible cartridges are provided along with set screws
-4X large mounting holes are provided for what is intended to be a m4 countersunk stainless steel screw.  No screws are provided for mounting.
-2X slots are provided for 3mm cartridge thermistors or thermocouples. 1 thermocouple cartridge will be included
-there are plenty of blind tapped m3 holes for other mounting or insulation add-ons

Metal has been reduced from certain areas to lighten the weight and reduce warping at large temperature gradients.

-this is the ideal system for experts enthusiasts to attempt printing ultra high temperature polymers while leveraging the bed to provide a much needed initial layer adhesion reliability boost and ambient temperature boost that May reduce the need for enclosure on smaller parts.

-the alloy provided is designed for withstanding high temperatures but due to the nature of 3D printing we cannot guarantee its flatness because of the wide changes in temperature coupled to being mounted.  we strongly recommend that you anticipate the bed surface will not be perfectly flat and that you use a probe with some bed leveling strategy.

-the alloy surface is finished polished with a slight matte brushed patina and is clear hard coat anodized as such it will not really stick to anything on its own.  it is expected that you can add starch to the surface such as glue or hairspray or probably the best strategy would be to apply Kapton or PEI tape.

-Using standard 24 volt power and 6 heater cartridges you will get less than 10 degrees Centigrade variation at any location.
-Most people can expect to hit around 200-250 Centigrade with reasonable insulation and avoidance of draft
-To get to higher temperatures you must apply higher voltages such as 36-48V. 
-These beds have been tested up to 400 degrees Centigrade!

-this product is experimental and definitely not for the novice user or the home hacker without a general warning that using such high temperatures and electricity is dangerous and could easily burn you or cause a fire.  Please use cautiously.

No returns. Sold as-is. Please inquire with any questions.