The Crane Quad 3D Printer

  • $ 999.00

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Taking in four filaments, the Crane Quad can either print one filament at a time and quickly switch, allowing you to use different colors and materials on the same print, or it can combine filaments together to create new colors or even hybrid materials. If you use our color-calibrated CMYK filaments in the Crane Quad, you can create over 50,000 colors from just four filaments, saving you a lot of money and space. Additionaly, the direct drive style feed and stainless steel 0.35mm nozzles allow you to beautifully print a diverse range of unique filaments such as Tough 3D Ink or Carbon PETG. The Quad also comes with the same base features as the Bowden, such as the Duet 2 Maestro, 24V heated bed, a 230x230x250 mm build volume, a web-enabled control interface, and LCD screen.

 Filament not included.