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250ft PVA 3D Ink® $45 Ea.

PVA 3D Ink® is polyvinyl alcohol; a soft, water soluble support material that works well with PLA prints. It can be used as a support material with dual extruding 3D printers, and even as a standalone filament. Most PVAs on the market need to be kept in storage containers with low or no humidity. M3D’s PVA will be a bit more resistant than most to ambient exposure. PVA is degradable, dissolves in sufficient water, and allows for complex designs where removing support material manually would otherwise be difficult or impossible. Best for models printed from PLA due to easy adhesion.

Technical Specifications:

  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm (not chipped, can be used with almost all 3D printers). The 3-letter code printed on the spool will automatically set the correct extrusion temperature in the M3D software.
  • Recommended Extrusion Temperature: 190 - 220°C
  • Recommended Heated Print Bed Temperature: 45 - 60°C when used, but it is not required
  • Recommended Build Surfaces: M3D printbed sheet, painter's tape, glue stick, glass plate, PEI
  • Other Printer Requirements: part cooling fan
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