500ft/500g Carbon PETG 3D Ink® $48 Ea.

  • $ 48.00

Aftermarket 3D Ink® is M3D's brand new filament line that is meant to reflect the aftermarket parts (car parts, for example) that users would be able to print with these materials. Stronger and more industrial than ever, these filaments are a true holy grail for professional 3D printing as they print in high temperature and provide matte finish to the parts, resembling production quality. Available in Carbon Composite PET (Carbon PETG) and Low Temp PC.

Carbon PETG is an exceptionally tough and sturdy 3D printing material that helps achieve even greater strength and durability while keeping the same base characteristics making PETG-based materials so great: ease of printing, little to no odor or warping, and extremely strong layer bonds.

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