What Makes M3D Filament So Great?

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It is a known fact that M3D manufactures and sells a large variety of filament colors and materials, among which are not only our special proprietary formulas like Tough 3D Ink featured in the photo above and ABS-R, but also golden standards like PLA. So why buy filaments from M3D, one may ask, when there are so many other generic (and sometimes cheaper) brands? The answer is simple, - because ours is great :)

In the same way that you can have gourmet pizza, or truly authentic Italian pizza and then fast-food chain pizza, not all filaments are created equal, either. Like food, the 'ingredients' and the process in which our M3D filament is made sets it apart. Putting quality into your 3D printer means getting better quality out. Here are a couple examples of how M3D's filament stands apart from the rest:

  • We use a proprietary formula of naturally sourced materials in our filaments. Some other companies use as much as 15% recycled materials and other additives in their filaments. While this may sound good, the end result can mean increased print failures and odors.

  • M3D's filament is inspected every inch of the way. Literally. While much of today's filament is said to be the at the industry's standard 1.75mm, there is always a +0.05mm variance. At M3D, our filament is laser inspected at every inch increment and controlled to an accuracy of +0.025mm. This makes for more consistent extrusion and therefore more reliable prints, especially with regard to overhangs and bridges.

  • What this boils down to is less waste. While it's true that you'll pay slightly more upfront, you'll have greater print success and fewer print failures caused by filament, and you'll spend less in the long run.

Here at M3D we are absolutely THRILLED with our filament, which has also been well-received by our customers over the years. As a company, it has always been our mission to bring quality innovation to the world at a value, while growing the 3D printing community. This is why we LOWERED FILAMENT PRICES at our store for the month of February. We hope that 3D printing admirers will come and experience the quality filaments we offer across our entire line of PLA, ABS-R, Tough, Carbon Fiber, POM, ASA, and soluble (PVA and PVB) materials.

To acknowledge our newly added filament materials and significant (up to 33%) price decrease on select spools, we are officially claiming this month as our #FilamentFebruary. We plan on doing some exciting things every week to celebrate it and look forward to you joining us!

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