The M3D Pro Update 3: The Final Week

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Hello Backers,

As we come to the final hours of the campaign, we want to thank everyone for joining us on this exciting step forward in reliable 3D printing. We are proud, to the best of our knowledge, to be the largest crowdfund for a dedicated 3D printing system in 2016. We would love, in these last few days, to cross the $500,000 mark. Please share this last chance to join the Pro team at the lowest prices and with the earliest delivery. Share our Kickstarter campaign with your friends and tell them about why you joined us. We really want to spread the excitement and special backer prices to as many as we can.

We feel such pride and joy in creating products that are based on the actual wants and needs of our users. We plan to continue updating everyone as systems are finalized and will keep you posted on new developments and project status. Thank you again for supporting us in making the tools needed to help you create!

What we have done to guarantee success and satisfaction:

Delivering the Pro in its best possible form to our backers is our number one goal, alongside of not accidentally creating an army of self sufficient robots. To achieve this, we have added two major players to our team.

First, please welcome JJ, our new engineering manager. We know that you, as makers and 3D printing enthusiasts, desire the Pro to be of the highest quality and demand good solid systems in your printer. To ensure that the Pro meets all these expectations for the many varied and complex systems involved, we have brought on JJ. He will be overseeing and coordinating all aspects and functions of the Pro’s systems for them to operate as one sleek and accurate printing platform.

Next, please welcome Andriy, our new Native Mac Programmer. Being available across all platforms has always been a goal of M3D and we are going to ramp up our efforts to bring Mac users the exact same software experience as our Windows users have. To that end we have brought on Andriy, whose years of experience with Mac OS will be invaluable as we work to meet the goals set by our user base on the Apple platform.

Features and concepts that are now proven and ready:

Auto correction: This is the big one, the game changer as they say. With the Pro able to detect and correct itself from interruptions and other obstructions, we will be able to ensure a high quality and safe printing platform. Please check out the below video to see proof of concept for this revolutionary feature in action.

Precision Metal & Glass Parts Impact:

It's only been 40 days since we launched our M3D Pro Kickstarter campaign. We promised a lot of progress in engineering to come first, followed by firmware and software improvements later. We are pleased to be exactly on schedule with no surprises. See the chart below to see our progress in each area.

The color on the left is 40 days ago vs the right side which is the status today. With each new part, or modification of existing parts, we are usually optimizing one aspect at a time. We are FAR from complete and haven't even begun the software and firmware optimization phase, which has the most room for improvements as it is responsible for nearly 99.9% of the printer's capabilities.

That said, we've already proved a few things with the hardware improvements so far.

1) Backlash elimination: This is was one of the biggest questions we got on day one. Can you print circles? Does it really look "Professional?" We're pleased that with the faster speed of the Pro, and in combination with other optimizations, we've been able to make circles as true as any other printer. This hasn't been combined with sensor feedback, which we hope will allow our printers to be more consistent than the high-end models offered on the market, because they assume backlash is not a problem, which it already is for all printers (or will become a problem over time). See this video to see what we mean.

2) Z layer wobble periodic and layer consistency: One of the biggest challenges with the Micro 3D Printer was relying on rods to produce very smooth sidewalls because they were thin and not as precise as our latest specification. The new rods were precision made in stainless steel to a tolerance to <30 microns straightness and are 6mm in diameter. They also weigh five times more. That's why we're seeing a reduction in layer lines. You can also see in the print from the newer prototype with plastic gantry replaced with rigid metal that there is much more consistency in certain print areas like the dog's tail and feet.

The first print off our all-metal gantry system. You can see marked consistency in layering.

3) We've been printing on heated and glass beds with much more professional first layer results. See before and after.



Take a look at our Prototype-advances Gallery

Thank you for joining us once again. Well look forward to talking with you again soon.

-Team M3D

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