Selling Filament by the Length Matters

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As children, we were all probably taught a similar lesson that doing what is right isn’t always popular and doing what’s popular isn’t always right. As we grow older, and especially in business, those lines can sometimes get blurred.

When M3D set out to produce our own filament 5 years ago, we thought about what was going into our material, how it was being made… and how we would sell it. Many people reading this post already know that we sell our 3D Ink according to length, which has always gone against the industry norm of selling filament by its weight. Why does M3D do that? Why the difference?

Why, you ask? Because it’s more honest.

At its base, filament is made with plastic materials. As learned from our most recent post comparing pizza to filament, we know that not all filament is created equal. In addition to how M3D uses only freshly sourced filament, we also do not add any other oils or filler powders which can contribute to a heavier-weight filament. (You see where this is going, right?)

Depending on which filament type you want; be it PLA, ABS, Carbon Fiber, etc, they will each be of different weight, just by their base properties, alone. That means a 1kg spool of PLA from Brand MH will be a different length of filament than the same Brand MH 1kg spool of ABS, and the same goes for Brand MH 1kg spool of Carbon Fiber. While the weight is consistent across all materials, it means inconsistencies with how much can be printed from it, since printers are more dependant on the length of filament than its weight.

With M3D filament, you know exactly how much you’re getting. Regardless of which types are naturally heavier or lighter than others, you can rest assured that you’re always getting 250ft, or 500ft, or 1,000ft of material. And guess what, with M3D’s filament, chances are you’re getting more than you would with buying just a 1kg spool.

It’s true! Our 1,000ft spools all weigh more than 1kg! That’s right, even when counting the filament weight itself, not the spool holder which can add another couple tenths of weight and is something some of the other companies include in the weight of their 1kg spools.

So, yes, we do things a little differently at M3D because we believe in maximum transparency and don’t believe in deceptive weights. This allows us to stand out of the crowd and helps you remember that there are still good businesses in the world looking out for you!

(Speaking of, we have also LOWERED FILAMENT PRICES at our store for the month of February, so you can now check out our filaments at an even more affordable prices than usual!)

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