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M3D has added Promega hot end assemblies to the online store. All of our nozzles are uniquely designed to be leak-free, being made of a single piece of machined steel that extends through the heater block up into the cold region of the head. The heater blocks are machined to be compatible with popular hot end models, with the exception of internal threads to secure the standard, short nozzles offered elsewhere. The assemblies include nozzle, PTFE filament sleeve (for regular hot ends) or stainless steel filament sleeve (for high temperature hot ends), 48W heater, PT1000 temperature sensor, heater block, and all the set screws required to

Two styles of hot end are offered for the Promega: K’tana and Compound. The K’tana system can accept 2 different filaments, and extrudes them through 2 different nozzles. This setup is great for multicolor or multi-material print jobs. It’s especially useful if you want to print the model in a certain filament, but the support material in a different filament. The support material could be soluble in water (such as M3D’s PVA filament) or alcohol (such as M3D’s PVB filament), for instance, and can be cleaned off the model after a quick application of the proper solvent.


The Compound system, on the other hand, takes 2 different filaments, and extrudes both through a single nozzle. With Compound, you can choose any ratio of extrusion, from 100% filament A, to 100% filament B, and any mixture in between. This opens up possibilities for a vast number of color shade options, as well as complex composite print materials.


Finally, both K’tana and Compound nozzles have a high temperature variant, capable of printing exotic materials at temperatures up to 350°C. In the high temp versions, these assemblies use a stainless steel sleeve to guide the filament inside the nozzle, instead of the standard PTFE sleeve. Please note that this high temp setup is not optimal to print normal materials at normal temperatures. It is strongly advised to used the PTFE tube in such applications. Look for this high temperature to come in the upcoming days.

Click here to order the K’tana hot end, and here to purchase a Compound version.

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