New NEMA Stepper Motors Now Available at the M3D Store

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M3D is happy to announce the addition of NEMA 14 and NEMA 17 motors to our online Parts store, which will joining the lineup of 24BYJ and 28BYJ steppers currently offered. These new NEMA stepper motors are well-suited for many applications, including 3D printers, small CNC machines, and any project where high torque and high controllability and accuracy are required. Our ultra-efficient NEMA motors are specially designed for high power applications, so they stay cooler than other motors in similar applications, which is critical when working in a high temperature setting. They are also shorter and lighter than most motors in the same size classes (the NEMA 14 is 33mm long, and the NEMA 17 is 39mm), which is helpful when space and power are limited.

In addition to these new offerings, M3D still offers the same line of uniquely-developed BYJ stepper motor, with an internal gear train to pack huge torque and fast speeds into a tiny case. These 24BYJ and 28BYJ motors are the same used to drive all axes and extruders in M3D's successful Micro+ and Pro 3D printers, each with their own gear ratio to maximize speed and torque output for their required applications. Click here to see all the motors currently available from the Parts store.

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