GT2 Belts and Pulleys Available at the Store

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The M3D Store has recently increased its shelf space, and we’re using some of it to offer new GT2-style belts and pulleys, for all of your power transmission needs. We have 12, 20, and 45 tooth aluminum pulleys compatible with any GT2 system. They can be secured onto 5mm round shafting with the included set screw, and are sized to fit any standard 6mm tall belt.

Speaking of belts, GT2 belts are also now available from the store. There’s an 88 tooth closed belt, 6mm tall, that we use under the Z platform of the Promega. We also offer a 3.3mm tall open belt, and a 5mm tall open belt. While 6mm belts are very common in the 3D printer industry, we partnered with a genuine Gates brand belt supplier, to get stronger 5mm tall Gates belts, which allows us to save vertical space in our gantry. This design choice makes the unit smaller and more space efficient than would have been possible, without sacrificing belt strength or reliability. All our belts are rubber, with fiber reinforcement throughout the spine for strength and to prevent creep.

These new parts join the other pulleys and belts already in the store, which are MXL-compatible and used in the Micro and Micro+ printers. Click here to check out the pulleys, and here to see the belts.

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