M3D Crane Quad and QuadFusion Tutorial: Butterfly

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M3D teamed up with one of our user print contest winners, Joshua R. Taylor from JRT3D, to bring you this highly requested butterfly tutorial. 

First thing first, here is a list of products that you will need to follow along:

The original butterfly model was created by ericchf (thing:552835) and remixed by Joshua R. Taylor (thing:3679833) - this is the model that we will be using in the tutorial, so please be sure to download the STL files from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3679833 before you proceed.

Once finished, your final print should look something like this:


IMPORTANT: Please remember that the innovative QuadFusion technology is best for intermediate and expert 3D printing users.

This tutorial was provided to us by a fellow Quad user, Joshua R. Taylor, as a courtesy to assist with your project. It does not guarantee any results and individual successes may vary.



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