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M3D has always had strong ties to the Maker Movement. Our founders participated in various competitions at the onset of the Maker Movement in the early 2000’s and their experiences are integral to the founding of M3D. As the first truly plug and play, out of the box, consumer desktop 3D printer, we are proud that the Micro (and now Micro+) have transformed non-makers into Makers. As seen in our recent #madeonamicro competition, we are inspired by their journeys and are humbled by their accomplishments.

In that continuing commitment to cultivate tomorrow’s inventors, hackers, creators and Makers, we have created partnerships and programs which facilitate that journey through education and hands-on learning.

One of the first partnerships we’re happy to support is the FIRST Robotics and FIRST Tech Challenges in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. areas. These groups, made of children in grades 6-12, are truly remarkable and their mechanical robot inventions are impressive accomplishments. Through this partnership, M3D contributed 10 Micro+ 3D printers and a cash donation to FIRST. All FIRST teams will receive a special discount from M3D, in addition to chances to win either a Micro+ or Promega 3D printer for their own teams. When the M3D team reflects back on our own childhoods, many of us did not have the tools to create anything close to what we’ve seen from the FIRST competitions today. Alongside FIRST, we hope to further enable and inspire these young men and women in the pursuit of their future STEAM-related careers.

As part of our initiative to support all schools and organizations nationwide, M3D has other free resources available to further learning of 3D printing and the Maker Movement. Due to its size and relative ease to get started with 3D printing, our Micro and Micro+ printers have often been named the best 3D printers for beginners. Further, with respect to the design of these printers themselves, the somewhat enclosed frame makes them more safe for children to work with and their quiet printing mode is less distracting in teaching environments. M3D will soon offer course guides to use the Micro+ while learning science, technology, engineering, math and art, across grades ranging from elementary school to high school level audiences. Reach out to schools@printm3d.com for more information.

Going back to those contests our founders won… eh hem participated in from 2004-2010, we know that financial assistance is always needed and always hard to come by. Wanting to make sure our interested youth have the financial support they need to create robots, projects, machines, etc. they have imagined, M3D also offers a fundraiser to schools and non-profit youth organizations. While most fundraising programs earn groups a maximum of $2 per item sold, our fundraiser gives groups at least 15% off of the entire product range. Considering our primary products start at $15 for filament and then go to $349 and upwards for 3D printers, participating organizations stand to gain a lot through this fundraiser. There is no limit to the amount teams can raise through their fundraising efforts; it can quickly and easily reach hundreds of dollars due to the higher ticket price of 3D printers. More information on this 3D printer fundraising program can be found on M3D’s site.

If you’re wondering just how far this little Micro+ 3D printer can take a child, let’s just say that Harvard Medical School has used it to make on-demand surgical models, Memorial University of Newfoundland Medicine used it to model cervical cancer models (caution, some graphic images included with this write up) and it can also be used to bring virtual reality models to life. (Note: M3D cannot guarantee your child will be admitted to Harvard Medical School, Memorial University of Newfoundland Medicine or any other school or program by way of using an M3D 3D printer. However, we can probably say it will look good on their college application under hobbies and inspirations in the essay section.;))

Schools and organizations often qualify for discounts when purchasing M3D 3D printers, filament and parts. If interested, reach out to schools@printm3d.com.

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