Gift Ideas for Father's Day (and Any Other Occasion!)

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Despite how different people from all over the world are, we can all agree that our parents are the most important people in our lives. We may not be able to visit them as much as we’d like to, but we will be forever grateful for all that they do and in return we want to invest in their happiness. The team here at M3D wants to help you do just that, by giving your loved ones a very special gift - the gift of innovation.
With Father’s Day coming up on June 17th, you only have a few days left to get a present. Knowing your busy schedule, we decided to put together this comprehensive gift guide to help you choose the best gift to celebrate YOUR dad (or mom, uncle, and grandparents - whoever it is that you would like celebrate that day), not get something in a rush at a generic sale. Don’t worry, we’ll still treat you to some awesome deals!

The first option we have to offer is the easiest, fastest, and most flexible - you guessed it, a gift card

Luckily, M3D offers a range of gift cards redeemable at our store for any in-stock products, including the Micro+ 3D printer and a wide variety of filaments and parts! A gift card will give your dad the flexibility to choose the exact products that he wants. This is a great way to get him interested in a new hobby or help him support an existing one.
Gift Card
Now onto other options with a more personal touch. If you’d rather surprise your parent with a box (or envelope) full of goodies instead of the gift card, but are unsure what they’d enjoy most, we have got you covered here as well! Let’s start with the basics - is your dad new to the concept of 3D printing, does he already have a machine and/or 3D printing experience, or is he a hobbyist/professional constantly looking for a new addition to his workshop?

If he is a beginner and has no prior 3D printing experience or supplies:

We recommend the Micro+ Starter Pack which has everything you need to get started with 3D printing: the Micro+ 3D printer, 1 heated print bed, 2 flexible print beds, 3 x replaceable print bed sheets, 1 spare nozzle, 1 spare fan, and 3 250ft / 250g filament spools (1 PLA, 1 Tough, and 1 ABS-R). These components will help your parent step foot into 3D printing and try different material types. This value bundle costs $450 and all components would retail for $574.99 purchased separately, so not only are you getting a super convenient all-in-one gift, but also a $124.99 (22%) discount!
The Micro+ Starter Pack
If you would like to add variety by choosing more filament colors, PLA is the perfect entry-level material. It is an industry standard that is very easy to print with and will treat your dad best, we promise! Check out the color-changing Chameleon PLA for added fun.
Chameleon 3D Ink

All items from ship within 1-2 business days once your order is placed and delivery usually takes no longer than 2-6 business days via standard shipping methods. When the order is ready, we will email you a tracking number that you can forward to the gift recipient so they don’t miss their package!

If your dad is a hobbyist, enthusiast, or a 3D printing fan looking to advance and experiment within the field: 

We have a brand new Crane 3D printer series available for pre-order at discounted prices from FitForLaunch. The Crane comes in 3 different configurations, so your dad can slowly make progress from the simple Bowden version to Dual to Quad as he builds expertise and learns new technology. (Or he can always jump straight into Dual and Quad if he is feeling adventurous and has already mastered the open source software!)
The Crane 3D Printer series allow you to advance in 3D printing and start printing in color!


For a fan of 3D printing who already has some experience or even a beginner who is in for a thrill, we recommend some M3D-exclusive filaments that are compatible with many non-chipped 1.75mm 3D printers. Chances are they will be a new exciting experience even if your dad has already seen it all - our pioneering proprietary blends available in fun colors will make his love for 3D printing even stronger. When putting your order together, go for our bestselling Tough, Tough 115A, ABS-R, and ABS-R3 3D Inks for the most impressive gift.
ProjectTube just posted a fresh video review of the above filament recommendations, so be sure to check them out:


If your dad is a 3D printing expert, a true guru of his craft, and works with 3D printers on a daily basis:

He undoubtedly needs the biggest print size and fastest print speeds we can offer, and this is why Promega 3D printer, our first commercial machine, would be perfect for him! Promega has a 15.3"-cubed build volume and incredibly fast print speeds. The combination of its heated bed, high temperature hot-end, and seamless hardened stainless steel nozzle allows to print exotic filament materials that not a lot of other machines can handle.
Just for a few days, not only are we offering the amazing specs for the assembled Promega 3D printer, but also a huge discount!

The best filaments for seasoned 3D printing professionals are customer favorites Tough, Tough 115A, ABS-R, and ABS-R3 mentioned earlier as they can achieve some of the most unique print qualities. We also recommend checking out expert materials such as ASA, PVA, PVB, and POM that require a bit of extra care and would be perfect for dads who love a bit of challenge.
Hope this helps you choose a gift for your dad! Feel free to get something for yourself too (shhh… we won’t tell!).
Most importantly, we hope you all have a wonderful Father’s Day!

Disclaimer: FATHERSDAY10 and MEGADAD promotional codes are valid until June 19th, 11:59pm EST or while supplies last, apply to new purchases only and cannot be transferred. FATHERSDAY10 is only valid for individual 250ft, 500ft, and 1000ft spools. MEGADAD is only valid for the Promega Assembled purchase and is applicable via the provided link. Discounts are limited to one coupon per person, per transaction. Coupons cannot be used on gift cards, filament memberships or clearance items.

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