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Dear Customer,
As the year is coming to an end, I would like to look back and reflect on what our small, but humble and passionate team was able to achieve thanks to your support. Due to the legacy of raising more than our goals on crowdfunding and pre-order platforms, people often assume we are a multinational corporation with a short-term for-profit mission. Contrary to that image, we are on a special path with a vision that is very different from the norm. Our long term mission is to push 3D printing technology to its limits and even extend these limits when we can such as our main focus in 2018 - color 3D printing.
Many companies in the 3D printing industry formed in order to opportunistically take advantage of the market, they aim to maximize gains and quit as soon as there are any losses. These companies diverge from us few actual innovators; we are part of the heart and soul of this industry and we are here to stay. We are continuously developing multiple product lines and are at various stages of design, refinement, procurement, assembly scale-up, and perfecting them.
2018 was a year of product releases and successful campaign fulfillments, and I would like to share with you the state of our main product lines:
The Micro+ 3D Printer, an improved version of our flagship consumer machine, is still going strong. As one of our bestselling products for the past 4 years in a row, we are proud to see that it remains popular among beginners and hobbyists. 
The Promega, our 3D printing giant, is in the process of pre-order fulfillment, with more than 50% of machines already delivered. This year, we also introduced the Promega Quad which utilizes our brand new QuadFusion technology for color 3D printing. All remaining Promega pre-orders are expected to be fulfilled by Summer 2019. 
The QuadFusion printhead has been delivered to nearly 80% of backers and is expected to be 100% fulfilled in January 2019. It is now available for purchase at store.printm3d.com for $250 and can be installed on many 3D printers, including but not limited to the M3D Promega, Creality CR-10, Prusa i3 and others.
The Duet 2 Maestro co-developed by Duet3D and M3D had its own FitForLaunch campaign earlier this year and has been 100% fulfilled. This premier open source control board allows for higher quality prints, faster responsiveness and less noise, all thanks to the fast Arm processor combined with the RepRapFirmware and trinamic drivers. Duet 2 Maestro is now in stock at store.printm3d.com and can be purchased for just $119.
Last but not least, Batch 1 of Crane 3D printers is shipping. Many Crane backers have already gotten to experience this cutting edge technology and are now achieving consistent color-mixing results. This machine paved the way for color 3D printing in 2018 and is one of our most noteworthy achievements. It will soon be sent out to the most trusted industry reviewers for evaluation & honest feedback to the 3D printing community. 
We are proud to continue innovating in this space. Thank you for believing in and supporting us with every new project. We appreciate you joining us in setting the groundwork for technologies that will dominate the future decades from now.
The M3D team is wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a joyous New Year.
- Michael Armani,

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