5 Reasons to Buy a 3D Printer

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3D printing is becoming more and more affordable and consumer-oriented on a daily basis, but some people still see it as intimidating new technology with strictly industrial and engineering uses. This is why we decided to step in and offer regular consumers 5 reasons to buy a 3D printer for personal use. And the most exciting part is - these suggestions apply to ALL consumers: those who have 3D design software knowledge and those who are unfamiliar with CAD programs and prefer to simply download their models online.

Create Personalized Gifts

Making personalized gifts has never been easier! Forget expensive laser engravings and last-minute shopping at Etsy - you can now create sophisticated designs and personalize gifts in the comfort of your own home. Whether you are looking for unique jewelry, a phone case with someone’s name etched into it, or even a replica of a cool game or collectible that your kid has been wanting for months - your 3D printer got you covered!

Decorate and Accessorize your Home

A 3D printer allows you to decorate your home in any colors and styles that you'd like, so you can implement (or at least prototype) your vision in its entirety. You can create your own tv stands, vases, phone charging stations, photo frames, etc. and add personal touches and intricate designs that otherwise couldn't be produced by hand or purchased at the supermarket. One of the M3D team members has even printed flowers for her mom who is allergic to flowers but loves daffodils.

This is a good example showing that you can focus on creating a few small features such as a replacement for just one flower or a custom pencil holder to match the size of your new coffee mug. For special occasions like Halloween - you can make decorative pumpkin-shaped baskets, for Christmas - ornaments for the tree, for Valentine's day - coasters in the shape of hearts, for Easter - plastic eggs.

Make Strong and Sturdy Replacement Parts

One of the most popular uses of 3D printing is its ability to create spare parts when you don't feel like spending a ton of money on a brand name, if they are only sold in bulk, or not available on the market to begin with. From broken curtain rings and pen caps to replacement car parts and engineering prototypes, you can rely on a 3D printer to do the job.

With a variety of 3D printing materials being introduced to consumers, users can now create strong and sturdy parts that were not possible to print with regular PLA plastic due to its warping and inability to sustain high temperatures. The guide for how to use 3D printing and 3D ink as a tool to make strong plastic parts is readily available in a separate blog article.

Start a New Hobby or a Business

Many businesses have turned to the Micro 3D printer to complete their projects and to start new companies thanks to the low-cost investment required, while others just use 3D printers as a tool to make their ideas come to life in a vast variety of fields (including biomedical!). One of the most notable integrations of M3D products was done by Gregg Teaby who 3D printed a “power cane” for his daughter.

Video: http://koin.com/2015/10/26/dads-aha-moment-becomes-power-cane-for-daughter/

Experiment with Technology, Embrace the Innovation, and HAVE FUN!

Last but not least comes the most important reason to purchase a 3D printer - you don't need a reason. 3D printing is the future and you can stay ahead of the game by obtaining innovative new technology now and finding your own uses for it. You can be practical and 3D print door knobs, or you can invent something revolutionary and make history - either way you will get a lot of use out of your 3D printer.

Here at M3D we've made a fully assembled and compact 3D printer 2-3 times more affordable than an average consumer's phone, so it is worth investing in just for fun. Head over to store.printm3d.com and start adopting tommorrow's technology now.

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