3D Printed Earrings to Catch Your AirPods

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Most people will have heard of the controversy surrounding Apple’s latest, the iPhone 7. Understandably, most of the concern has revolved around the smartphone’s headphone jack, or lack thereof, which is essentially pushing customers to use and buy Apple’s wireless Airpod earphones, which were also unveiled last month. Besides the obvious point that this feature forces users to forego their existing headphones, no matter how high quality, or to buy even more products to adapt them, there is also the concern that the wireless Airpods will simply fall out when they are being worn.

To address this issue in a practical, if not amusing way, micro 3D printer company M3D has unveiled a pair of 3D printed earrings, the “Twisty Earbud Catchers”, which have been specially designed to catch the falling Airpods. The earrings, which themselves resemble mini basket ball nets (with a bottom, of course), have been posted on M3D’s Thingiverse page so makers everywhere can easily print them at home.

The practical accessory, which hang from the wearer’s ear at an angle, are made specifically to catch your Airpod earphones (which cost $159) when they inevitably become dislodged from your ears, stopping them from falling onto the street, down a gutter, or even into the toilet. Of course, to benefit from the 3D printed earrings you’ll have to pierce your ears (if they are not already), and will have to commit to wearing the little baskets on a regular basis.

So, while M3D’s Airpod catching earrings are undeniably amusing and can be made by pretty much anyone with a 3D printer, they might not be a “catch-all” solution, mind the pun. Despite that, however, anyone interested in keeping their Airpods safe can download the .STL files for the earrings from Thingiverse and either print them at home or order them through a 3D printing service such as Shapeways or 3D Hubs. There is also the bonus of being able to print the basket earrings in the color or combination of colors of your choice.

Tell us, would you use the 3D printed Twisty Earbud Catchers to keep your expensive wireless earbuds safe?

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