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A message from the CEO of M3D:

We've been watching with concern as more than 25,000 members of our 3D printing and Kickstarter communities have failed to see their rewards materialize in recent years. The beginning of 2017 has not shaken that trend either. It's really a shame, it affects all of us, and we are sorry that your wait hasn't amounted to a chance to try 3D printing yet.

By some estimates over 500,000 smart thinkers/creators, enthusiastic users, and dedicated companies are making their dreams happen in part thanks to consumer 3D printing. But the industry has some years to go before there is a clear need for a 3D printer in every home, like what happened with the computer. That's because the value is not clear without people to develop applications, and this requires a nurturing feedback cycle from early and second stage adopters like yourself.

It's also one of the most challenging businesses to be in because it's technically complex and highly competitive. We were lucky to get our success story from our most successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014. However since then the hype has returned to a fundamental trend and we've had to find ways to nurture our market and earn our success. In those three years what we've done best is improve printer quality and customer service massively. We've supported almost 60,000 owners of 3D printers and have the only money back guarantee in the industry. We're also the only leading company left with a dedicated design, manufacturing, and support team in the USA.

We will keep doing our best to support this industry - and we want you to develop cool applications and tell the world about how awesome it is to own a personal 3D printer. That's why I'm inviting the backers that never got a reward from another creator to join the 3D printing community with this special offer. Join our email list and we will get you a discount code to buy The Micro 3D Printer for $199 after verifying your backer status.

You will be able to join our email list using the following link: https://printm3d.com/backer-rescue.

We look forward to welcoming you to the 3D printing community.

-Michael Armani

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