Temporary Closure

Maryland is closing non-essential businesses as of 5pm 3/23/2020.

M3D is limiting services in response. Only essential components of M3D Business will remain open including requests from other essential businesses. We plan on resuming full operation as soon we are able. For more details scroll to the bottom of this page. Thank you for your patience. 

Theory Of Operation: M3D QuadFusion Technology


Today by executive order, Maryland's Governor has announced that non-essential businesses shut down at 5PM to avoid the spread of Covid and to help delay a possible shelter at home order. While 3D printing is proving itself as an essential last resort production method during this crisis, we will close temporarily, halting all orders and most communications, pending further guidance.

We will reopen the business when we are told we can and all pending orders will be sent at that time.

We have already sought further guidance to interpret this order. We expect that we may reopen in a very limited capacity as hospitals and users have started to print personal protective gear using our machines, and the demand for some of our printers seems to exist for this application. These are obviously a priority, and this is a fantastic application of 3D printing. We only wish a noteworthy appreciation for printing emerged under better circumstances. We will do our duty to help protect our neighbors whether this means going home or working hard to produce 3D printed safety gear.

Additionally. The last and final delivery of crane parts that we have been waiting for has been delayed 15 days more than usual. We are told this is both because the products are coming from China and because they are routed through California customs, which is apparently backlogged and understaffed. This delay would deprive us of crane parts within a few weeks, if we remained at full capacity.

We expect the business to reopen in a few weeks unaffected thanks to the slow but steady delivery speed we put in place previously, which lowered overhead costs. We have the ability to restart with limited losses. That said, the state has promised that some funds will be available to help if needed too, though we doubt they'll be timely.

As everyone waits for their orders we encourage you to help with the growing crisis in any way you can. If you are at home, with a printer, and good engineering skill, we encourage you to get involved with some of these projects that we are aware of:



https://www.3dprintingmedia.network/copper3d-organizing-global-campaign-to-3d-print-antimicrobial-masks-on-a-global-scale/ https://www.3dprintingmedia.network/3d-printing-unite-for-covid-19/

We appreciate your continued patience amid this outbreak, and we wish everyone the best.