• Black
  • White (-$10)
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Clear (+$25)
  • Purple (+$25)

  • Black
  • White
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Silver (+$75)
Select Filaments
You’ll need filament to use with your Micro. These spools are designed to fit under The Micro print-bed and work with any spool fed printer. Mix and match as many as you’d like for a variety of colorful prints. Each spool contains 250 feet or approximately 1/2 lb (225g) of plastic. You can print dozens of parts with one spool.
3D Ink (PLA Filament) $14 Ea.
White Pearl
Crystal Clear
Light Fuchsia
Deep Crimson
Sunset Orange
Deep Lemon
Deep Shamrock
Deep Cobalt
Light Caribbean
Deep Mulberry
Satellite Silver
Onyx Black
ABS-R $18 Each
3D Ink (PLA Limited Edition) $15 Ea.
Transparent Candy Green
Transparent Cool Gray
Transparent Brick Red
Opaque Apple Green
Opaque Sky Blue
Opaque Blue Moon
Opaque Berry Purple
Opaque Fire Truck
Opaque Orient Red
Opaque Pumpkin Orange
Opaque Antique Gold
Opaque Snake Copper
Tough 3D Ink $18 Ea.
Milk White
Sold Out
Durable Clear
Super Blue
Mighty Blue
Yoga Green
Rocky Green
Orange Heft
Flexible Ruby
Strong Purple
Raven Purple
Utility Grey
Impact Black

Thank you for your feedback on our beta release of Tough Ink and for making its trial so successful! We have made a few improvements to the formula and are now excited to release an even more consistently extruding, strong-bonding version of Tough filament.

Trademarks and Patents Pending

Chameleon 3D Ink (Color Changing PLA Filament) $18-$23 Ea.
Rose Red
Dragon Red
Coral Orange
Coral Orange
Monster Green
Genie Blue
Genie Blue
Gargoyle Black
New (+$5)

Save even more when buying filament bundles!

  • PLA Neutral Bundle
    Black, White, Grey, Clear $50 ea.
  • PLA Candy Shop Bundle
    Pink, Orange, Blue, Purple $50 ea.
  • PLA Board Game Bundle
    Blue, Red, Green, Yellow $50 ea.
  • PLA Love Bundle
    Pink, Red, White, Purple $50 ea.
  • Tough Arctic Bundle
    Dark Blue, White , Light Blue, Black $65 ea.
  • PLA Winter Bundle
    Silver, Clear, Light Blue, White $50 ea.
  • PLA Holiday Bundle
    Green, White, Red, Clear $50 ea.
  • PLA Spooky Bundle
    Sunset & Pumpkin Orange, Black, White $50 ea.
  • Tough Monster Bundle
    Yoga & Rocky Green, Raven & Strong Purple $65 ea
  • PLA Wicked Bundle
    Purple, Green, Mulberry, Black $50 ea.
  • ABS-R Tactical Bundle
    Black, Blue, Grey, White $65 ea
  • PLA Harvest Bundle
    Chameleon Tiger, Copper, Gold, Orange $54 ea.

Get the most out of your Micro 3D Printer.

  • Removable Printbed Sheets
    3 Pack - $18 ea.
  • Spare Nozzle
    Heater not included - $9 ea.
  • Extra USB Cord
    Type A/Type B - $5 ea.
  • Spare Fan
    Spare Part - $5 ea.
  • Flexible Print Bed
    Spare Part - $20 ea.
  • Power Supply
    Spare Adapter - $25 ea.
  • Full Maintenance Kit
    A $72 value! - $50 ea.
  • Extended Warranty
    1 Extra Year - $140.00
  • Extended Warranty
    2 Extra Years - $200.00
  • Carrying Case
    $50 ea.
Add Apparel: M3D T-shirts are American Apparel brand 100% cotton shirts. $25 Ea.